Welcome to SBURB wikia! This is for the Roblox version of the game that is currently in development. The game is developed by Nyro Studios and is inspired by the popular webcomic, Homestuck. If you would like to lean more about that, you can go read it or visit their wikia! Otherwise, the game of SBURB is a complex one. The world is ending in an armageddon of meteors crashing down onto Earth. It is your job to live, and enter the game. Now, the game is a massive experience to say the least, and it may take some players hours just to figure out how the sylledex works.

Do you want to know what you can do in SBURB? Well, lets summerize this up. When you enter the game, your server player grants you several items. These items, or deployables/devices are what will help you win the game. You can use these to create all kinds of items and climb you echeladder like a champ earning a porkhollow worth of boonbucks and rooms full of feathers to show for your man grit. THere are plenty of weapons, and weapon types, to choose from. It can be something as obvious as a sword to something as abstract as a pair of crochet needles.

Well, what are you waiting for? Let's go play a good game of SBURB!

(Game is under closed development. Wait until an important date!)

News Feed

Wow, it has been a while since I was last here. Anyway, I have officially announced the game on MSPA forums a couple weeks ago. With that announcement, I would like to say that things are going smoothly, although the game may not be out as soon as I wished for it to be.
Sorry about the short news post, there isn't much I would like to give away.
Hello there! I just created this wikia as a side project to maintain as I develop SBURB. All updates will be posted up here a day before or so before they are added to the game, and all news will be posted here as well. Just a fare warning though, the time until it releases is most likely going to be the upward of 3 months. And then it will still receive updates. Some of these updates will not be accessible to already playing players, such as new land structures, new dungeon updates, and anything having to do with the physical existence of the inciphisphere. Although this may be a bit of a problem for some, you can always use the scratch construct to end the game. Or you could use the captcha codes, but these will not be posted, so hope you have a good friend or can find them elsewhere!

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