Development Log #01

So I have no clue how far this will go to be honest, but I decided "Why not?" and am going to try to do a thing. I will be trying to post the development process here on this Wikia, and some players may be able to gain very useful information from it, at the lack of me foreseeing any valuable information.

Anyway, let's begin.

Today I am working on the main menu for the game, but for the third rendition. I really do like some things to be perfect, especially if it is what the player will see first. The whole point of a menu is to give a little peak at what you are about to embark on, so there was a large array of choices to pick from. I decided on using falling meteors for the background, but for all I know, it might change to be your planet if I ever change the menu to be accessible even when you have already joined a session.

Who knows, playing multiple sessions may just be a feature that will come out during alpha, or as late as beta. The future may not be something able to be seen, but I think this is a likely update.

The who creation menu is probably going to be a bit lackluster for a while, as I have no ideas on what I could add to be so special about a session. I have included an area for additional session information in the join menu, but that may just be an unused piece of information. So far, all the session creator can pick is the player count. There is no difficulty level, although that may be added, and I do not think I will be allowing the creators to choose things such as god tiers or planet types. I fell that would break the game in a way that would make it either 1. Impossible to win, or 2. Impossible to lose. I am not perfect, and there is no way for me to make the game where it can fix itself from exploitation. If someone could choose a god tier, they could become the most powerful player ever. Imagine a lord of doom in a six player session. As stated, this will most likely never happen.

To say the least, this game is a stressful creation. There is so much work, and yet only so much I can do with what I have. But for now, even though I doubt anyone will read this for a long while, I will continue on during this Omegapause, and develop this game.

Tomorrow, October 31st, is going to be a busy day for me. I have, of course, Halloween to deal with, then I have my birthday as well. It is always an eventful time for me.

Well, that wraps everything up that I am willing to share for now, so farewell.

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