So, you join the game. What is this big jumble of a mess? Well, what shows when you first join is the game menu. Here you can either create or join a session. If you have already joined a session, skip down some. Otherwise, I will guide you through the menu.

First off, you want to hit the button labeled "Join Session". Here is where all of the sessions getting created will be displayed. I recommend playing with friends, but you can play with strangers. Luckily for you, unlike the actual game, not all players will be necessary to complete the game, as many people are likely to quit. So, once you open the menu, there will be a list of the sessions. You can simply join from here, but you have no access to the server settings.

If you would rather create a session, hit the button labeled "Create Session". This will bring up a menu that gives you a bunch of choices of what you can do. You can select a player amount.

So your timer is ticking. Do this to live.

Once you start playing, you can become a server player. Every player has a server player and a client player. This means someone will be able to place down devices. You first want to explore your house and pick up some items including a weapon, a computer, and anything that seems useful. You can use your computer to start the game of SBURB and communicate between other players on Pesterchum. This is important, because you won't see them until you are further into the game.

What you want to do is open up SBURB and begin placing objects into your client player's house. The only objects you can deploy at this time are the Cruxtruder, the Totem Lathe, the Alchemiter, and the Punched Card. Deploy them all. Your client player's Cruxtruder will begin to tick once they first use it, and they will have until it counts down before they die, or enter the game.

Once you are in the same position, you must first get Cruxite from the Cruxtruder. Then, take that to the totem lathe to carve it with the punched card. Take your totem to the Alchemiter and create the free item. The item created is called a Cruxite artifact, and is broken to enter the game.

Break it.

The Calm After the Storm

You have now entered you land! Congratulations, you probably lived! There is not much you can do yet, so while you wait you should assign your weapon of choice to your strife specibus if you have yet to do so. You will soon be fighting enemies called imps. You can also go outside now. Outside, you server player will be able to build up your house to one of the seven gates above.

For them to do that, you first need to fight the imps that are arriving! Get to that! So, once you can get to the first gate, you can now visit your land. There you will find many things, such as villages and dungeons!

Other References

So, while this may only cover the bare bones of entering the game, there is so much more to do! I recommend that you follow some of the links and see what you can find.

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